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when did you first feel like a dad?

even after thirteen weeks i am not sure i feel like a dad. the reality of fatherhood has sunk in slowly. the first time you hear your wife is pregnant. the first time you see his face, hear his wail, or touch his toes. the first time he smiles for you or laughs at you. i guess the process builds on you until one day you are wearing khakis.

what was one misconception about having a child that was proved wrong?

how helpful i would be while aidan was a newborn. guys literally aren’t built for sustaining a new born. guys are built to serve their wives. i conceded helpfulness and, instead, put my energy to serving kara so she could better serve aidan.

what is the most challenging part of fatherhood for you?

watching the toll it takes on kara and not being able to swoop in.

what do you miss about your pre-child days?

leaving the house in five minutes. most things that kara and i loved to do, we still do. it just takes longer. i thought we would have to give up marg-and-queso-wednesdays, houston’s revival market on saturday mornings or nice dinners, but we haven’t. it just takes more planning and longer to get ready.

what advice do you have for a guy that just found out his wife is pregnant?

first, serve her well. pursue her, protect her, praise her, and pray for her. things are going to change for her much more than it will change for you. she needs to know you, and the above, aren’t changing. second, go buy a nice bottle of whiskey. great news calls for great whiskey. and third, learn how to make your wife’s favorite mock-tails.

what has been your proudest moment so far?

prior to being a dad, proud moments elicited thoughts of touchdowns and good manners. fatherhood places things in a different perspective. i think my proudest moment so far is aidan looking up at me.

what do you most look forward to in your child/children’s future?

rough-housing, steak night, and talking about his faith.

*all photos from adam & kara’s facebook

MAY 2013

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  1. Don Anthony
    May 8, 2013

    The good Lord has blessed Suzanne and I with three incredible sons. They have each married strong , beautiful , faithful women. Adam is continuing the tradition of the Anthony boys of being GREAT dads. They understand faith and family comes first.


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