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beatrix is a strong woman. you’ll know that the instant you meet her. the perfect first mom to feature on the mom camp. she and her husband have raised xavier (8), zara (6), & yvie (4) to be responsible, compassionate and helpful.

on a quiet afternoon after new york city’s first snow of the winter, i joined her and her daughter yvie for tea. her home is warm and welcoming… her kitchen table a testament to countless family dinners and art projects. our conversation was easy and relaxed. yvie chipped in every now and then as bea discussed what it’s like being a mother.

you’re running late to take the kids to school, you don’t even have five minutes to get dressed. what do you throw on?

a pair of sunglasses.

what do you love about raising your child in nyc?

the social interactions we’re able to have so easily. i think about the people in this building: there’s the elderly, the young professionals, other families. we’re able to connect with people…. we do life with them. 

describe a typical saturday morning with your family.

we try to wake up late. definitely a trip over to bagel bob’s. we’ll usually get bikes and scooters and go to one of the playgrounds. that way mike and i can hang while the kids run around. staying in the neighborhood is key- somewhere close and walking/scootering distance.

cook or eat out?

cooking at home is so much easier. if we do go out, it would be the pizza shop. you can’t go wrong with a slice of pizza. the girls are crazy about luigi’s penne with bolognese. (“we like really good pasta at looooweega’s.” -says yvie)

what do you indulge in?

i’ve been waking up at 5:30, this is a new change this year. just to have some time for myself. one of the mornings i work out. i have that indulgence three times a week. waking up early, to have quiet in the house without the kids. the constant chatter and noise gets to you after a while; having that time to have an uninterrupted thought is a blessing.

what are your kids loving?

xavier (8) will wake up and go straight to google maps. he lives and breathes google maps. he’ll also go on youtube and will watch trains come into the station. he’s virtually explored every train imaginable. it’s amazing what people put up on youtube.

what is the best motherhood advice you’ve gotten?

people can give you these snippets of wisdom… and they’re all good. but if you don’t live them out day by day, it’s just a bit of wisdom. the best advice i’ve ever gotten: remember that your kids are going to follow what they see you doing. when we’re happy, sad, when we’re in conflict… if they see us reaching toward god, they’re going to go back to that. “train a child in the way he should

go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” at the end of the day, i have to trust that that’s the best wisdom.

what’s the hardest part about being a mother?

going and going and going. it never stops. you think you have everything done and you forgot to pack the lunches. you can’t really take a break- it’s not a job. it’s your life.

what’s one of your proudest moments as a mother?

after hurricane sandy hit, our son xavier heard people were going down to the lower east side to help. he went down there with someone, but it was unorganized and he wasn’t able to do much. the next morning, someone texted me, “i’m leaving at 7:30. if xavier wants to come with us, i’ll come pick him up.” i went in there to wake him up… he sprang out of bed, put on his clothes… he didn’t even eat breakfast… he was out the door, so excited to go down there. later that day, i went downtown to pick him up, thinking he’d get tired and cold…. the girls totally got into it too, handing out stuffed animals. xavier was like, i am not leaving this place, you’ll have to drag me from here. 

we work so hard to inspire our kids to do this and that, but it was really cool to be inspired by my own child. an 8 year old. that was a proud moment for me. i know it’s only bc of the fire and passion that’s in his heart… he’s just trying to express that. it draws everyone in, including me.

NOV 2012

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