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walking home from the hospital in a thunderstorm, weekly family jaunts to their neighborhood bar and some of the best clothing/beauty advice so far… this interview features the lovely heidi and her sweet son (& probably the happiest, smiliest one year old i’ve laid eyes on), wolfe. after seeing some newborn photos a friend took of them, i knew i had to feature this easy-going new mom & her bubbly little boy. the niche she and her husband, sam, have carved out for themselves in their brooklyn neighborhood is cozy and idyllic. thank you, heidi, for letting us get a peek!

you’re running out the door, what do you grab?

a water bottle. if i’m without one, i’ll drink wolfe’s and then i feel bad [laughs].

any beauty products that you’ve come to love since being a mom?

yes! i have one that i want to tell everyone about. it’s called phylia. it’s a shampoo and conditioner. and there’s a spray that’s called connect. i lost tons of hair when wolfe was born. apparently half of moms do, half don’t. this new hair here… it looks like i cut mini bangs! that shampoo has some magic ingredient that makes it grow faster and thicker.

what do you think has been your best kid purchase?

a couple of things. we put a sheepskin in wolfe’s crib… we were always terrified that he was too cold. because you can’t put blankets on them when they’re a baby! they can also play on it in the wintertime. we love our highchair. we got one of those stokke tripp trapp chairs. that’s how i get things done. i put him in there, spread cheerios around and then i can cook dinner. the white one that comes with it doesn’t actually have an edge to it. so i kind of had to search hard for this… it’s called the ‘play tray.’  we’ve made a conscious effort not getting lots of big toys.

do you find yourself dressing differently?

yep! i work at bird and i would always notice moms that would come in and say, “no no no, that’s not practical.” and i would think, “oh come on!” but now i’m totally find myself thinking, “he’s going to smear avocado on it!” there’s no silk in my life. no dry cleaning. you have to get down on the ground at the playground and fish balloons out of this mouth! so no short skirts (not that i wore a lot of those). when i was breastfeeding him, i couldn’t wear a full-length dress. i wore lots of button ups.

what’s something on your to do list you never cross off?

sewing. it’s not a ten minute thing. you have to bring out your machine, set up, clean up. i do not do anything fancy. but clothes for him… i get so annoyed that i spend $60 on pants that i could make for him in ten minutes.

speaking of baby clothes… wear do you get all of his cute clothes?

there’s a really cute shop in park slope called norman & jules. it’s a beautiful toy shop.. you can get lost in there and end up wanting to buy everything. and then there’s a cute little shop called, acorn, on atlantic. sweet william is really good… and they have great sales! at the end of the season i go stock up. makie is really good… i got a lot of his infant clothes from there. gap for basics. i also got a lot of t-shirts and leggings from american apparel. i have found dressing a boy to be really tough. everything that i find has an appliqué football or dump truck on it.

what is something that you indulge in?

the movie theater. i miss it so much. it’s the biggest luxury to me. that’s what i want to do when i have any free time. [instead of getting a massage?!] ya, isn’t that funny?

so describe the day wolfe was born.

i gave birth at LICH (long island college hospital), which was two blocks from our apartment. so we walked to the hospital and walked back! there was a monster thunderstorm the day we left the hospital. my mom and dad were up here and my mom did not want us to walk home. thundering and lightening, we were waiting in the lobby of the hospital with a newborn and all these people were coming in sick! so we thought, “we gotta get outta here!” somehow we decided it would be safer to walk home in the thunderstorm than get in a taxi without a carseat. my mom was saying, “just get in the car! hold him! we’re going two blocks!” but i was like, “no, some maniac is going to lose control of his car and hit us!” so sam carried him home in a sling, real close to the umbrella so he wouldn’t get wet.

what do you love about raising wolfe in brooklyn?

i like that we can be at a really great park in three blocks. or run out to get milk in three minutes. i love that we don’t need a car. when he was younger and sleeping a lot, i loved living here because i wouldn’t just circle a block. i could walk and walk.

…but you’re considering moving away soon?

ya, we’ve kind of always wanted to. it’s just the schooling thing. it terrifies me. it’s absolutely crazy. i’ve seen very sane mothers go nuts over the process. the idea that where they go to “school” (is it even school? they’re just two and a half years old…) can determine their likelihood of getting into a good college?!

describe a lazy saturday for your family.

well wolfe still takes a morning nap, so we usually just hang and play around the house until ten. and then we’ll eat lunch and go to the playground at prospect park. he

might fall asleep in his stroller around three. and then there’s this really good bar on the corner… [laughs] my mom’s going to kill me. it has outdoor seating and the bartender loves wolfe. we’ll go there in the late afternoon, sit outside and have a beer. they always cut up a cucumber and bring it out for wolfe. so he’ll eat his cucumber, wander around and crawl under the chairs. and then we’ll come home and have dinner!

so you work part time at bird, how do you juggle things with wolfe?

we had a nanny come twice a week and then when i work on sundays, sam stays with wolfe. finding a nanny was the most nerve-wracking thing of all… we love our nanny, she’s amazing. going to work for those first few months… it was very hard. wolfe wouldn’t drink out of a bottle, so beverly had to walk him to bird every three hours so i could breastfeed! that actually helped the separation problem… because i got to see him! i’ve worked there for three and a half years. bird was wonderful with maternity leave and coming back part-time. i manage the store and it’s not ideal to have a part-time manager. they’ve been amazing.

have you gotten any great advice you’d like to share?

try to not be concerned with what other people think. it’s really easy to get caught up in that. you’re making these huge decisions! it’s the silliest things… i’ll just let him walk around without pants, because… why does he need pants? he’s a baby! and other moms will look at me weird. people get very judge-y on sleeping and breastfeeding.

do you have a pre-bed ritual?

yes. so we take a bath. he loves baths. and then we take him straight into his room… where we’ll dim the lights so it’s quiet and calm. if he’s not tired he’ll play quietly. we read books on the floor. he’ll just plop in between my legs. sometimes we read half a book… somethings we’ll read ten. and then i sing the same song to him. every single night. all the verses. and then i’ll put him to bed. he’s a really good sleeper. since seven months, going to bed was easy.

what’s your favorite part of the day?

the afternoon. i love going to the playground with him. especially at this age, he’s so much fun to watch! he loves older boys. there’s usually a group of them that have this elaborate play thing going on… he’ll stay within two feet of them and follow them around. if one of them screams, he’ll just laugh. and dinner is always really fun, because he loves food! [laughs]

SEPT 2013


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