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meet john paul, the first dad to be interviewed on the mom camp! it takes a brave guy to be the pioneer male featured on a site all about moms… but he was up for it. below he shares his sweet insight into being a new dad to his adorable daughter libby, who just turned eleven months!

when did you first feel like a dad?

when i first saw and heard the heartbeat.

what was one misconception about having a child that was proved wrong?

that i would not have a significant role in libby’s first year of life.

what is the most challenging part of fatherhood for you?

knowing that i cannot control her personality but only shape it to love the things we love.

what’s a lesson you’ve learned from libby?

that she is listening and watching EVERYTHING we do.

what’s a dad/daughter tradition you have or would like to start?

date night 1x a month. we also pray and read scripture before bedtime.

what advice do you have for a guy that just found out his wife is pregnant?

even though fear, insecurities and doubt will enter in, try to embrace every emotion she is feeling. and be encouraging.

what has been one of your proudest moments as a dad?

seeing her walk towards me for protection when she is in an unfamiliar setting.

what do you most look forward to in libby’s future?

hearing her confess jesus as savior and living a life that displays his love, service, humility and grace to the people she meets.

*all photos courtesy of katie norris portrait arts

MAY 2013


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